Encouragement on thinking freshly about Evangelism


I was recently at ‘In the Chute’ church planting conference and went to a seminar by Crag Dobbie from EV Church on Evangelism. Crag is a very disarming and down to earth guy and the session was fantastic.

The main idea that was that the gravity of sin pulls us down with regards to talking about Jesus and to counteract that we need to be helping people in three areas:

      CONVICTION (in their heart being convinced of the need and importance of sharing the gospel for the sake of Jesus)
      CONFIDENCE (in their own skills as well as in the gospel, and the reliability of the Bible, and that any events we run are worth inviting people to)
      CONNECTION (knowing people outside of church context).

It’s caused me to think hard about the way we do Evangelism at Morning Church.

I’d encourage you to have a listen.

Craig has a similar seminar on the Geneva Push website here:


Crag Dobbie on Evangelism

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