Planning for Leaving College

Dave Thurston and Andrew Woodyatt have just written a paper you can download from here on Planning for leaving college.

Leaving college to go into ministry can be and often is a time of high anxiety. It’s a time when there are not only lots of unknowns that you know you have yet to discover, but also unknowns you don’t yet know. Stress doesn’t help us trust in the Lord or help us process the transition from one significant community to another and this is especially so when we have a family.
These papers are not intended to give you answers. They are designed to name the ‘elephants in the room’, to identify that stress is a reality and to think about where that stress emanates from so you can at least be prepared for it; they are aimed at helping you make good decisions about saying good bye to one context and preparing you to make a good start in the new one.

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