Reading the latest PULSE magazine… what a relief! As a denomination we’re not in trouble at all! We don’t have a shortage of pastors & ministry workers… we just have lots & lots of churches that can’t afford to pay people. Phew!!! I’m going back to bed.


  1. I’m reminded of when the previous state government redefined ‘lateness’ for the train timetable. A late train was previously defined as about 2 minutes but they redefined it as 6 minutes and suddenly the problem wasn’t as big as it was. This is death by definition.
    So what is the problem? Only that we have a whole bunch of dying churches!!! I would have thought that might be some real cause for concern and should have been a banner headline at the Assembly, but no the watchmen are asleep, or they are saying ‘Peace, peace where there is no peace.’
    Of course the Assembly is complicit in this. When will we get a repost on ‘The state of the Denomination’ in NSW? My guess is when it is too late.

      1. How about:-
        Sir Humphrey Appleby:
        “British administration as a model of loyalty and efficiency. A ruthless war on waste, cutting bureaucracy to the bone. A lesson Britain can teach the world!”
        Bernard Woolley:
        Can we prove it?
        Sir Humphrey Appleby:
        A good speech isn’t one where we can prove he’s telling the truth. It’s one in which nobody else can prove he’s lying!

    1. Apparently in Japan they’ve redefined ‘safe’ radiation levels to be 20x higher than they were before the Tsunami. I bet that reassures everyone living close to the dangerous reactor…

  2. and of course Paul is painting the situation generously… In what century was it anywhere near adequate to think Albury could be reached for Jesus by one pastor and one church… right across the state even when we’re full we’re empty! The need for workers has to mapped aginst the harvest field. Think about the real population of the state and then you start to really see the crisis!! and we haven’t even started to talk about helping SA, QLD, Vic… thankfully we don’t have to ask the denomination but can ask the Lord of the harvest!!!

    1. I think we’ll be asking QLD for help not offering it. My problem in a nutshell is that I don’t want nor expect denominational leaders to come up with the answers but surely they are in the position with all the Form F & Ss in their position to describe the problem. Instead it is described away. What we need is a good hard look at the reality of what we face so that we not only know what to pray for but also define if there are any institutional and structural issues that we need to confront. I still think that when less than 50% of our present churches are only able to pay for the primary minister through direct giving we have an enormous issue. Head office aren’t the problem unless they know there is a problem and have resisted alerting the wider church community of that problem. Unfortunately this is an issue that hasn’t just appeared over night.

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