iPhone Bible

If you have an iPod, iPhone, iPad or an Android phone, there’s a free NIV 2010 download available at the moment. You can already use the NIV in online mode, meaning you have to have internet access, but this version downloads the Bible to your device so it’s available offline, with no internet access.

These guys have long offered (and still offer) a download version of several other versions, including the NIV 1984, ESV, NASB and Holman Christian Standard Version, but unfortunately no Greek or Hebrew for the language buffs.


3 thoughts on “iPhone Bible

  1. Hi Mike. I got the 2010 – thanks for the tip – but can’t see that 1984 is available for free download. How do you access it?

  2. Sorry, my bad. You can see the 1984 version if you’ve got a net connection, but not download. I really don’t like the 2010 version, as I think a recent study showed it’s 93% the same as the TNIV along with its inclusive issues. The ESV, NASB and Holman Christian Standard Bible (a favourite of Language guru & MTC lecturer Con Campbell) are also available for download.

    If you’ve got an iPhone etc and you’re not sure, you’re better to download and uninstall, because I think the Apple App Store will always remember that you’re entitled to it if you want it again later.

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