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Did you guys see this: The Queensland Theological College (QTC) will appoint the Rev Dr. Gary Millar as its new principal from 2012.

QTC is really stepping up to the mark to be a great college. Gary Millar strikes me as a great preacher and pastor and I think the right kind of guy to lead a college that wants to train pastors. That was what the PTC NSW was looking to do a couple of years ago – get a preacher/pastor in to head up the college and lead it in a new direction.

Academically, is QTC up with PTC yet or is there still a way to go?

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  1. I thought that QTC and PTC had been offering the same base qualification, which is a college certificate forever. Both colleges have also been offering degrees for some time.
    QTC has also been led by a world class (whatever that means) bible scholar for the last five years.

    I think your question may be based on a faulty premise, at least directionally.

  2. Sorry Gary I didn’t mean the qualification that you can get from them, I meant the breadth and depth of faculty and the experience of studying there. I meant is a BTh from QTC as good as a BTh from PTC or MTC to prepare you for a lifetime of ministry. Maybe ‘Academically’ was the wrong word. I was wondering if people from NSW will one day choose to travel to Qld to study at the QTC, and how far off that will be?

  3. Well, that’s a different question.
    I think that QTC has always been the the best Australian college to prepare someone for pastoral ministry in the Presbyterian church, and I’d imagine that people from NSW will travel to study at QTC as soon as they wise up.
    This is fun.
    Any more questions?
    Have I ever mentioned where I studied?

    Seriously, though, I am in favour of understanding the Colleges as ‘trade school’ rather than a shopfront for ‘theological academics inc.’ and that the Qld College has been the closest to that in Australia.

  4. I’m excited for QTC to have Gary coming… but with someone with something of a heart for the evangelical Christians in Ireland I feel a bit sad for for their great loss. Its spurred me on to continue to pray that the Lord would continue to raise up pastor-teachers & evangelists for that nation.

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