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Dave – I noticed at Western Blacktown website you have a place called ‘The Common’ where you share stuff. How does that work. I can see HOW it works – people post stuff they’s like to share and others can borrow it, but how does it work out in practice? Do people use it and benefit from it? Does it help foster encouragement and relationships? Looks like a good idea.

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  1. We’ve only just started it. I’m not aware of how much people are using it yet. But everyone reckons it’s a good idea. I pinched it from Peter Thompson at SCPC, so I can’t claim any credit. Pete might have some more intelligent things to say.

  2. Hi Wayne. Just checked out WBPC – how appropriate is that! The common is being shared!!!

    At SCPC we’ve only had it up and running for about 6 months and it’s only just recently catching on thru profiling up-front and now thru word of mouth. It definitely works best for things that people NEED (like a trailer to move stuff, a lawn mower etc) as opposed to other stuff like books, DVDs, etc. but that’s OK. We also use it for free giveaways – people have given away surfboards, beds, other furniture, TVs etc. And we also have a linked ministry called “the common FUND” which we encourage church folks to contribute to as they are able and to apply to when they are in need.

    Like I said, its early days, but I reckon that in time this is gonna be an amazing way for us to love one another and live in a way that makes outsiders sit up and take notice that God is remaking us to be like his Son.

    Feel free to nick it – apparently other have 😉

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