Recruiting weekend

Here’s some ideas for what we might do at such a weekend.


1. Bible Teaching from 2 Timothy

2. ‘How to give a Talk’ training. –  This is aimed at the people we bring – not us – similar to Chappo’s ‘How to give a Talk’ material at Club 5. During this time when they are being trained we can just hang out and catch up.

3. Preaching workshops: You will lead a workshop with 2 or 3 younger people where they will each give a talk they have prepared and you will help them critique the talk. This may be the first time some of the people we bring have ever prepared a talk.

Coaching Interviews:
You will be an interviewer and you will interview a person or couple about where they are out in the church and what ministry they are doing and you will pray with them and help them think through their future. There will be a sheet for you to work through with them to help you do this.

OTHER: Still thinking through this one…
SEMINARS: whether we split up into smaller groups and people choose to go to a collective that might be relevant for them, for example:
‘Choosing a Bible college’
‘full-time ministry: Presbyterian or other option?’

PANEL: Whether we have a panel of 4 or 5 Presbyterian ministries, some in more traditional churches, some from church plants, some from the city some from the country, and we just have an open question Time about ministry options within the Presbyterian Church and the differences, strengths and weaknesses of working within the Presbyterian Church, ways your church has done evangelism and outreach and so on?

Bible Talks on 2 Timothy one night and a fireside chat/extended interview with someone or a couple about their ministry  who has been doing it for a while to see how it looks 20 years in.

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