Hints on keeping your talks sharp

Bryson Smith gives some tips in keeping your talks sharp.

Isaiah Series on vimeo

A 24 week series by Bryson Smith from Isaiah to download and use. (4 x 6 week series).
Has good audio quality.
Might be helpful for a church in a vacancy etc.

If you click the ‘download’ button you can download the original M4V file – approx 600M per talk – good if you want to show on a projector or a smaller mobile file (54MB) if you just want to watch it yourself.

Jeremiah Talks by Bryson Smith

A set of 6 talks on JEremiah.

If you want to show on data projector be sure to click on download and grab the ‘original’ M4V very large file.

An interview with Bryson Smith on Song of Songs

In this video Bryson Smith shares some of the challenges and encouragements he faced preaching through Song of Songs. There’s also a pdf document that looks at resources.

Hints on discipling up other Pastors

Dave Thurston gives some tips for training up younger pastors with regards to growing their identity in Christ.

Being real with people

Dave Thurston from Abbotsford Presbyterian Church talks about being real with people as a pastor when they are going through hard times.

Meeting with Men

Hear why Jeff Reid has found that meeting with other blokes at Church may be better done on a sporadic basis rather than every week…

Honesty in Preaching

How honest should I be about my own struggles when I am preaching?

Connecting with People

Hamish Bourke pastor at Ballina talks about getting to know people and some tips for sharing Jesus with them.

The Blogging Pastor

On pastor2pastor we have been encouraging pastors to get a blog. You  don’t have to spend hours blogging, try a short blog (5 or 10 minutes), regularly (every week or two). Here’s a couple of reasons why…

1. It’s a good place to throw around ideas before you refine them. It’s not like a sermon where you need to have everything worked out.

2. It’s a good way to reflect on things you’ve done and why and it may be helpful for other pastors to see what you are working through.